Small cruises in beautiful harbors, secluded coves and
swimming in clear blue and crystal clear waters

The boat is called "TZON NAKIS" and is passenger / tourist built in Syros in 1993, wooden, 11.5 meters liberty with HP 225 perkins engine horsepower.

The license of the boat is for:
  • Latza with a capacity of up to 49 people and sails around 3 n.m.
  • Tourist boat with a capacity of up to 12 people and no cruise restrictions.

The boat has all the prescribed electronic systems that a modern professional boat has.

Inside the boat there are seats, life jackets and first aid for all passengers, a refrigerator for food, beverages, soft drinks and a specially designed table to be used for the buffet.

Also inside the boat there is an internal staircase that leads to the specially designed deck, which has protective railings and sunbeds for sunbathing.

There is also an external staircase on the boat that has access to the sea, so that you can go down to swim.

Every year the boat goes out to a shipyard, where all the necessary work is done for its good and correct maintenance. When launching the boat from the shipyard, it is inspected by an international Classification Society, so that the boat gets air navigation approval. The boat hasliability insurance.